fix position for VST windows


i Have a template with … maybe 1000 unactivated vsti tracks.
all are routed, colored, pre-eqed etc…
but one thing that is always a problem is where the vsti instrument appears.
it’s mostly where i left it last time but not always. and that’s annoying to reposition a vsti that pops up in the middle of your edit window.
same for vst effect but i use these less and don’t spent hours on them . Vsti you work alot on them.

is it crazy to ask for a better solution to have these windows at the same position ? or at least on the same screen. like… lock all VSTi to screen 1 or 2 so even if moving you know they are limited to that place.

i did a macro so each vsti i open close all vsti before opening it. i never need to visualise more than 1 vsti at once. and if i do i can use the mouse rather then my macro.
am i the only one with this problem ?