Fix Sample Track PLEASE

Dear Steinberg.

I’m a Sampler. Sampling is apart of my music production workflow, and the Sampler Track allows me to be creative :slight_smile: , however theirs this ONE BUG that’s irritates me :imp: and that’s everytime I drag-and-drop a new sample in over the existing one to replace it, all the parameters within the Sample Track reset back to Default which is a PAIN with my workflow :imp:

SO PLEASE FIX THIS BUG, the Sampler Track shouldn’t keep resetting to default everytime I drag-and-drop a new sample in to replace it :imp: , it should ONLY do that when I decide to OPEN a new sample into the Sampler Track by browsing for it :slight_smile:

Thank You :smiley:


This is not a bug, this is by design.

I would also like this to be changed. I know that it is done by design but I would like for the rest of my parameters to stay the same within sampler unless I choose to reset them. I wish that they would adjust this.

At the very least let us decide that in Preferences…

Just click the „lock“ icon in the toolbar of the Sampler Control in the lower zone and all parameters will be kept when importing a new sample.