Fix the HUB

Win7Pro. Cubase 10. About month ago Hub just stopped to open. “Page cannot be displayed”. Thought some Firefox update screw things up, but on smartphone and Chrome it wouldn’t open either. Maybe you guys will have a closer look to it. Some posts down, the programmer wrote that it might be a script issue. So…to work, gentlemen!!!

What you mean with “Hub”?

I think this is Win7 related…

Hi. I’ve meant the left side - news, etc. - side of hub. The hub itself opens and right side works. The left goes white and says “the page cannot be displayed”. Trying to open hub page separately - on internet (Firefox, IE) or the smartphone - I tried several - (Chrome), I get blank greyed page. I don’t see what WIN7 has got to do with it - Android’s on the phone. Anyway, if it can’t be fixed, I’ll live with it.

local config issue, nothing for Steinberg to fix.

well… outdated?

I am having this same problem with win 8.1. It used to work then just stopped.

Since Cubase 12 the “Connecting…” image with the power socket icon when loading the Hub isn’t displayed anymore. Now it just shows a black, then a white square.
I’m still wondering when will this get fixed.