Fix time signature

Hello, I’m starting from a MusicXML file from a scan. The time signature is consistently 2/2, but a number of bars ended up with extra beats because of the conversion process. For example, the first bar has an extra 1/8 rest at the end, and Dorico gives this bar a time signature of 2/2 (h, 1+1).

What is the best way to get rid of this extra rest? I tried changing the time signature to 2/2, but that moves the extra 1/8 rest to the following bar and pushes all the other music further along. Also, there are a number of other similar bars later on in the piece, and I’d prefer to leave them with their current (erroneous) time signature and only change the time signature one measure at a time, fixing the rhythm as a go.

Thanks a lot.

Welcome to the forum, ted123544. Probably the best way is to switch on Insert mode, then select the note or rest where the extra space is found, type Shift+B to open the bars and barlines popover, and type | (pipe) or the word “single” into the popover and hit Return. This will create a whole extra bar there. Then you can simply open the Shift+B popover again and type “-1” into the popover to delete that unwanted whole bar.

Thanks Daniel, works great!