Fix your MR816 problems...

I wanted to blame my MR816csx for the CPU spikes, clicks and general lack of performance from my core 7 CPU.

However, today I ran the latency tool and discovered, discovered after disabling everything then reenabling one at a time, that my bleeding graphics card was the sole culprit! I changed it now my MR 816 works a dream and the CPU performance is also lighting fast.

So, I can’t rate the latency tool highly enough. Download it and use that before dismissing it as needing Texas instrument chipset card. Mine works just fine on the motherboard FireWire which is not TI.

PM me if you are having trouble I may be able to help.


i changed 2 firewire PCI interfaces but the problem is right there again, so I agree the solution might be the graphic card. Do you have something to propose and help? thank you very much. i have an Nvidia GT220 which is nothing than a basic Graphic card…


he talked about this tool

Perhaps you have also a look at the following link



thanx a lot… I 'll try that right now

I now use TSB43AB23 Texas Instruments chipset PCi interface, and my GT220 Nvidia runs with latest drivers, but even if the performance is much better now , small dropouts or klicks still appear but not every 2-3 seconds. Before I change my graphics card with an expensive which I hope!!! will be the solution, is it possible that might be an electrical issue? If I 'll use a ups, is it possible that this will solve the problem because firewire is very sensitive to electrical unstable small changes?


which graphics card are you now using?

I’ve just updated to the latest 1.7. MR-Tools - and the sound still intermittently disappears.
(Although is somewhat better than it was!)

Disabling the nvidia graphics driver on my laptop solves the problem, on my laptop.
(It chooses the Microsoft driver instead, a slight drop in graphic resolution, but - the audio works.)

As changing the height of a track still highlights the graphic driver problem - causing the audio to break up,
I’m fairly confident it’s a graphics card driver issue on my main PC.

Thanks in advance,


Dave. It’s a geforce 240. 5 yr old now but works great. The newer card made the whole PC grind to a halt regards performance and dropouts, spikes.

Go through all the sound video controller stuff on device manager and disable one by one. Bet it’s something there. Failing that. On Monday let me take control of your desktop on windows 7. I helped a guy today that way an it fixed the problem.


Does anyone know how can I hear without klicks and dropouts? Any help will be accepted!!!Thank you

Suggest you read this thread thoroughly

ok I 'll do that, thanks…


I bought a new Belkin Firewire PCI card - only cost £7 via Amazon.

I already had a TI-Firewire card in my PC - not sure of the make.
However, after reading the Steinberg recommendations, I thought I’d try a Belkin, as it was on the list.

Win7 found the drivers, and assigned the Yamaha firewire stuff automatically, and for the last 48 hours - so far - the audio has been glitch free and solid.

I can’t find the Steinberg list. Which Belkin card did you get?

NVidia graphic cards are not the best choice for a DAW pc. Some of NVidia’s drivers (even the latest versions) are responsible for audio dropouts. Try a cheap ATI card.