[FIXED]64bit rewire no go with 64bit Reason

I am unable to use the 64bit version of Reason with 64bit Cubase6.5.
I get an error when launching Reason:
“Engine not responding, please check your Rewire Host”

I am able to use the 32bit version of Reason via Rewire in 64bit Cuabse6.5

any thoughts?

Was anyone able to confirm? I have been eagerly anticipating this moment with 64 bit Reason and Cubase, but was unable to test it before heading to work this morning.

I too have both 64 bit Cubase and Reason and 32 bit Cubase and Reason installed on Windows 7 x64.

Launch Reason 64 then close.
Launch Cubase and Rewire as normal.
Fixed it for me.

Did not fix it here. Still can’t run Reason 64bit in Cubase 64. Still get the errors stated above.

This fixed the issue:
“Engine not responding” when using ReWire with Cubase
This alert may appear when you launch Reason in ReWire mode with Cubase and “Release driver when Application is in Background” has been activated in Cubase’s Device Setup.

It is important that Cubase doesn’t release the driver when running as a ReWire host since the ReWire host is processing all audio.
(from Prop website)

everything is working now.

Finally, I can begin uninstalling a few 32 bit apps and free up some space. My transition to all 64 bit (excluding some bridged plug-ins) is nearly complete.

There is not supported 64-bit ReWire, antil today with Cubase 6.5. So, you have to buy and install Cubase 6.5 upgrade, first. I think.

Do you ever read the threads before answering…?

I see, sorry! I didn’t see the 6.5, really. :slight_smile:

Rewire 64 bit is also included in the FREE update to 6.0.6, so no need to buy 6.5.


I just built a machine with win 7 x64 and have loaded cubase 4 and Reason 4.

I should have done some reading first because in the past Cubase would find all of my vstplugins, but, now I have to point it to every plugin that I load. (that was the first headache).

Now, after reading this thread, am I hearing that I have to purchase an upgrade to cubase 6 and newer versions of Record and Reason (I already have Cubase 5 on my Mac and have not had the chance to really use that yet)? I am trying to find a way to manually point Cubase to the programs.

I could use a good answer to the question "Can this be done ? ? I have already spent a grand or more building the Win 7 computer system.