{FIXED} Arpeggios and lines look fine is score but not in parts

I’m using Dorico 3.5.11 and working in a String Orch arrangement for children. In the score next to fingerings a teacher want me to input a arrow down in some spots to indicate position change. I input an line with an arrow, go to engrave mode and position it. Looks great in the score. When I look at individual parts the line with an arrow is different. There is no line and the arrow head is in the wrong direction and sits next to the note, not on top. I tried replacing this and trying to trick an arpeggio into looking like I need it and same result. Looks fine in the score, but the individual parts do not reflect the changes I made in Engrave Mode.

Any help? I really like Dorico, this is my first project .

When you drag something in Engrave mode, what you’re actually doing is setting offset properties that say “move the start/middle/end of this whatever to x/y distance from its default position”. It’s crucial that the local/global property switch, at the top right of the properties panel, is set to Global. If it’s set to Local it will only affect the layout that you’re working in.

If you’ve set some properties locally that should have been set globally, you can grab the item(s) on the page (in the score) and go Edit > Propagate Properties. This won’t actually make the properties global; it’ll just copy them from the score to the part. The next time you move said item(s), ensure you have the switch set to Global.

My rule of thumb is that 99% of the time, if I’m in Write mode I’ll have the switch set to Global and if I’m in Engrave mode I’ll have it set to Local. In most cases, if I’m adjusting something in Engrave mode it’s the position of a slur/dynamic/text item, and in these cases quite often the casting off and spacing will be different, meaning that the tweaks I make in the score don’t work for the part.

OK PianoLeo, I give you a Gold Star!

Thank you so much. Just saved me…

One more thing - bear in mind that there’s a broader set of properties available in Engrave mode than in Write mode, and Edit > Propagate Properties will only copy the properties that it can see. For these sorts of things (where you’ve visually moved something) that’s an Engrave mode property, so you’ll need to be in Engrave mode when you Propagate Properties.