[FIXED] Been setting up Generic Remote for hours, did a reboot, and everything disappeared!!

Yeah, I should have exported it… but ya know, I just bloody fkin figured that after pressing ‘apply’ and pressing ‘ok’ and saving the project that it would just load back up like everything else does in Device Setup.


You have to be fking kidding me, seriously Steinberg?

ruined my fking Sunday. Darkday now


There is an known issue, the Generic Remote Setup is lost when you quit and reopen Cubase (if you don’t export it beforehand). Did you quit Cubase?

Poor lovegames. Reading would have helped - GRs have to be exported to be saved securely - just like Martin wrote.

I feel with you for the loss of your work.
Without being ironic I can only repeat what I already told so many people here: Read. Manuals. Read. Just to understand how things work in Cubase - not for remembering everything, but to have an overview and understand. “Them who don’t read will suffer”. Just my 2 cents worth.


Unfortunately specifically this one is not mentioned in the manual, because this is bug.

Its not enough to just export it, you need to import your gr file you just exported before you apply and save. THEN the cubase will load your gr file.

I feel your pain, this is a ludicrous bug which can lead to hours of lost work. Most people don’t learn about this bug until it happens to them.


Are you sure? For me it was alway enough just to export. Then Cubase saves it internally and then it works.

I totally agree… :-/

Yes i am sure, the export, then import, then apply, work every time, i used it on three different daw controllers For many years. It was the only way to make it work.


I’m really quite convinced Import is not necessary. I used it on many, many Cubase systems for several years like this…

Yup, i’ve never had to import after exporting to make it save either, exporting is just enough.
…But i do have a lucky clover by my display which i rub when saving. lol :wink:

hi, Im not arguing that it didn’t work out for you and others Martin, just stating that there is a bug, but with a workaround, on how to get the GR to stay after restarting Cubase. As you know there are several threads on the topic on this forum. (and again this thread) It may be intended to work as on your system but then, it never has on mine, counting cubase and GR at least from sx 2 until now on 10 both C pro and elements. I actually made a youtube video some time ago because of so many questions about how to get the GR to stay: https://youtu.be/bJeSZz825Ws (if its helpful…) hj

Ah, but the method you’re using would work of course, i think Martin’s asking if the import again is necessary, as i too have never NEEDED to take that additional step. And if you tried without importing, the same would be true also i’m sure.

I’ve set up 4 different machines with their own generic controllers and never once needed to import the mapping, but i do this odd thing of unselecting the remote and then selecting it again before applying/ok the dialog - but i think that’s out of sheer paranoia than a necessity… But maybe that is helping them to save, and perhaps importing is helping you. I really don’t know! :slight_smile:

Bottom line is, we’re all in the same boat and this should be fixed without excuses - it’s a killer for anyone setting up a controller,first time it happened to me i lost heart and didn’t want to have to set up my own mappings again… But i did… And then again, i lost it all. It was only after it happened to me the third time that i read online about the bug. I’ve lost 5-6 hours easily with those bugs, and it’s got to the point where experienced users accept it, yet there’s probably hundreds out there that aren’t aware of the bug and think it’s themselves doing something wrong, and never say a word about it.

the point is, without importing it back in, the GR settings disappear on relaunching cubase. And yes I tried without importing of course, and that did not work for me, while importing fixes it.

If it works without reimporting, its great, that must be how it supposed to work. For me, and others, we have to import it back to make it stay, but that only takes a second and is not a problem if you have this bug. I also lost hours and hours setting up GR again and again and then loose it on relaunch. So this was the solution for me. just sayin… hj

BTW I never tried the Steinberg hardware so maybe it works better on those.

NFW it is working “how it is supposed to work”. There are bugs that, because of the severity of pain they cause to the user, should be very high priority to fix. This sounds like one of those bugs.

Indeed. Since more than a decade for this one.

All this is due to the fact that Generic Remote is a bastard feature (this is a quote of a steinberg employee in one of the older formus).

They dont really care for it - the concept has many illogical decisions impemented, like e.g. the project dependency of the GR, the need to export and import, the randomness of the commands supported, the irritating aspect of having more than one way to access the same function (VST-mixer, mixer), and so many more…

If it’s one of those types of software issues they got backed into a corner with and can’t fix, they could at least add a dialogue warning box “please export Generic Remote to save before closing”.

If Cubase 10.5 or 11 entirely scrapped Generic Remote and Remote Control Editors and replaced them with something modern, efficient, and intuitive, that alone would be a worthwhile upgrade to Cubase. Fix the things that are broken or outdated (generic remote and remote control) and leave the things that work well enough (color tool) alone. I suspect some legacy code for Generic Remote and Remote Control Editors may need to remain for legacy projects, but a better solution should be implemented on a go-forward basis.

Totally 100% agree!!!

The original programmers may not even be at Steinberg so creating a new implementation seems the most sensible. There’s other functions in Cubase (MIDI Inserts for example) that involve MIDI CC’s too and can’t directly access track automation - so that would be something else that could be improved.

I just don’t know if the demand is out there, however.