FIXED: Chordtrack symbols gone

Suddenly I lost all my chord symbols. The chord track shows blocks without the chord set on it.

Filled a support request and reported this in the Issue forum, still wondering if someone else encountered this problem and possible knows how to fix it as I use the chord track alot.

I trashed preferences and did a complete new install… :imp:

REINSTALL DID THE JOB…Windows error after all it seems.

What happens when you double click on one of the blocks? Also can you post a screenshot that shows one of the blocks selected along with the text on the Info Line.

Hi, sorry for the delay.

When doubleclicking on the block the normal process happens, a dialog with the chords is been presented.
The only problem I have is that the chords don’t show anymore, they still are played back correctly but have to write them down to be able to play along.

Wow, that’s weird. If you haven’t yet you should submit a support request through My Steinberg.

If you have an older version of Cubase still installed, do they show up if you open it with that? If so that would imply that it is a problem with how 8.5 is displaying things. If not it suggests your cpr file is getting messed up. Of course neither of those really gets you anything.

While not even close to a work-around, drag all your chords down onto a dummy midi track. This should create a midi part for each chord that is named after the chord. Not easy to read, but still something.

The chords do play back so it’s a display problem. I think it has to do with a windows update problem.

Already filled a request form and reported in the issues sub forum. Now I work around it by writing it down with old skool pen and paper :laughing:

What is this pen and paper you speak of? :question: :open_mouth: :question:


I write down the chord progression down on paper with a pen to be able to play along :sunglasses:

Normally I look at the screen and follow the chords, but now my chord function is broken (the programmed chord are not shown) I’ll have to do a work-a-round.

Hihi… :slight_smile:

8.5.1 did not solve the issue, also no response from steinberg support for 5 days now,
where have I heard this before…

C’mon guys and girls do something to get me out of this missery…and remember Hamburg is just a 4 hour drive for me (when driving normal), so do not let it get out of hand :wink:

Look at the JPG :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp:

No need for paper then, just write on the screen :wink:
Looks to me like the fonts where not installed, working fine here.

working fine here too. Maybe you should reinstall.

REINSTALL DID THE JOB…Windows error after all it seems.

Thanks Guys (no Girls in this thread I think)