FIXED Dear VR Pro Atmos - No sound output on FX Channel or Group as Insert

I cannot get Dear VR Pro to play nice with Nuendo and Atmos.

I’m working on a short radioplay and wanted to do this in Atmos (to learn on a small project). I want to put footsteps and such into a nice acoustic space and thought DearVR Pro would work nicely. However I’m having a lot of trouble getting things set up and working.
Whatever I try the Dear VR Pro Plugin only works on audio tracks (as objects or beds) but not on FX Channels or Group Tracks. Having dedicated audio tracks for spatialization not that bad but i want to be able to use it on any track to make mixing this project easier. However, it just will not output any sound at all on FX channels or group tracks.

In Logic this is supposed to work like this:
Additionally, dearVR PRO’s reverb can be used to add reverb to Dolby Atmos objects. This helps to blend sounds together, letting them feel like they are all heard within the same acoustic space, rather than floating separately. Using this spatial reverb creates a much more cohesive mix, and reduces inconsistencies between various sounds in the bed.
The reverb feature is best used on a separate reverb send. Create a reverb send channel with a new instance of the PRO plugin - turn Reflections and Direct Gain down and use only the 7.1.2 reverb output. Send sounds into the bus to create a shared sense of space and reverberation. PRO has a range of acoustic space simulations, from small to large, or subtle and nuanced to exaggerated and dramatic.
Using a combination of both the native Logic Atmos plugin and dearVR PRO gives you the ultimate level of control over your project’s spatialization. Mastering these tools lets you create stunning immersive audio scenes for your audience, wherever you work from, and wherever they listen.

For the hell of it I’ve inserted Energy Panner (by Sound Particles and it outputs 7.1.2) on the same FX Channel and that does work!

I’m on the latest version 1.1.10 and Nuendo 12 on Mojave (which works fine btw!).
Any help is appreciated!

Ok it turns out Dear VR needs to be inserted into a panning slot. I did not know that was even possible :slight_smile:
From support:

Using dearVR PRO as an insert effect is not effective on a 7.1.2 bus. If you want to use dearVR PRO’s 7.1.2 output format, you need to use it inside the panning slot. The input format for dearVR PRO should be mono or stereo, so create a mono or stereo bus (either on the source material or as a separate effect channel for a reverb send) and then right click on the panning slot and select dearVR PRO. I attached a screenshot below. The general bus assignment should be:

  • mono or stereo track with dearVR PRO in the panning slot

  • routed to a 7.1.2 Dolby Atmos bed group

  • define this group as a bed in the ADM authoring panel

Thank you for the info. Never would have guessed.