FIXED! PDC issue! Izotope Avenger Wrong Delay Compensation

Auto delay compensation doesn’t seem to be working correctly and I have no idea what has changed.

If I have Ozone Dynamic EQ triggered by a Sidechain, the EQ dipping isn’t visually in time with what is triggering it.

If I use a heavy VST synth such as AVENGER, it is playing slightly behind time. I can tell this by putting Volume Shaper on the master bus and looking at the wave display. Any samples on Audio tracks are displayed in the same Volume Shaper on time. This isn’t the same as unintended swing like NEXUS, it’s a considerable delay and stays consistent. It can be corrected by track delay but I believe it’s not normally an issue.

This image shows the delay.

Any ideas, please help. Thank you.

Edit: New Cubase feature “Channel Latency” in “set up window layout” of the mixer, doesn’t show any value for these plugins

Latest update didn’t fix the issue! NIGHTMARE!!!

No one… any one… PLEASE! I always try to help people. Can no one help me?

I’ve edited the title as I now know more about this issue. PDC!

FIXED. Potentially!

AVENGER adds 2,5ms delay for each Comp/Limiter added in a preset for lookahead. Due to some hosts not been able to report variable latency for a plugin this would have to be fixed at the potential MAX… BAD! this would be HUGE, not good for realtime playing! However, the next update of AVENGER will include an option to add 15ms of latency (exact amount TBC) to allow for 6 Comp/Limiters in a preset and auto PDC.

It’s worth noting, internally Avenger is fully compensated, regardless to usage.

IZOTOPE. The out of time dipping, sidechained dynamic EQ of Neutron only happens when OZONE is on the Master… or later buss, which is correct due to the extra latency been added.

Thanks for the help everyone!