[fixed] project from Mac won't load on PC ("invalid" ?)

Hi everyone,

I am to help my father with arranging some music he composed. He is working on a recent MacBook and I own a PC. In both cases Cubase 6 is working fine, however after he bought me Cubase 6 the current project (cpr) won’t load for me.

The progress window makes a brief appearance but inmediately pops an error message, stating:

Le project “nameOfMyProject.cpr” n’est pas valide !

wich from french translates literrally as:

The project “nameOfMyProject.cpr” is not valid !

A forum search didn’t return relevant answers.

  • Could you please point me to a solution ?
  • How can I get Cubase to tell more on the issue ?

I am ready to edit the cpr file manually if that can help (stripping paths ?).

Both of us have installed all the applications from the Cubase 6 retail bundle, only that I opted for the 32 bits version (I have to assume that he is running the 64 bits version on his MacBook). Missing plugins would not prevent the project to load AFAIK.

So in short, the only known difference from his rig and mine is that he is running Cubase 64 on a 64 Mac, and me Cubase 32 on a 64 PC (W7, i7).

And yes, we are under a rather tight deadline :slight_smile: Now that the dancers are here he hasn’t the disponibility to compose and I am in charge now, beside the need to arrange the current project.

Thanks in advance for the pointers.

Are you using any VSTi’s on the project or plugins that are Mac exclusive?

Plus, when you copy a project over, make sure you get the entire project folder with all the internal files, not just the audio files. Finally, there are issues that I had previously when working cross platform. When Windows gets a Mac file, especially from a CD rom, it sometimes sets to “Read Only”, make sure to go into properties and check on that.


Hi JohnOnKeyz, thanks for the reply !

The file was sent by mail as it’s just below 1MB. There’s still the option of a corrution that way (edit: will use an USB key this time).

My dad is more of a composer than a tech saavy, the project is merely more than a couple partitions. Again, only the VSTi from the retail bundles were installed on both sides.
So, no plugins that I know of, not even audio files in the pool (I recreated the ‘Audio’ folder locally but it has to be empty).

I’ll try to remove all references from the VSTi on the mac, just keep the parts and eventually some automation tracks.

I’ll keep you updated. Any more hints will be welcome meanwhile !

Below 1 meg? Yeah, that’s a problem. A single audio file will cross the 1 meg space within seconds (depending on how complex it is). So it sounds like there are things missing from it. (Many of my songs are over 1 Gig in size).

If you can, definitely save the raw (uncompressed) project on a flash drive. That should take care of it.

So he copied the cpr file without also copying all the related folders that hold the data for the cpr file (Audio, Edits, Images).

You could try using one of the free file sharing services like yousendit, up to 100meg per transaction or others that support even bigger files.

Have you successfully transferred other Cubase projects between the two computers in the same way?

The file was corrupted on sending by email. After copying the cpr alone on a 32MB(!) USB key it loaded without a glitch.

By the way, it is still below 1MB and didn’t need any subsequent folder attached. As I said it was barely more than a couple partitions :wink:

Thanks to the four of you for the fast support, that is encouraging and much appreciated !

zip the file next time you send via email.