(Fixed) "Reveal Parameter on Write" breaks drawing automation by re-centering view

  1. Create a project with 16 midi tracks or more so the view can scroll up and down.
  2. In the middle of these tracks, add an Instrument Track with a VST with automatable parameters.
  3. Add at least two automation parameter lanes.
  4. Open the Automation Panel.
  5. Click on the cog icon
  6. “Reveal Parameter on Write” should be checked.
  7. Try drawing on the automation line. The view and cursor shift.
    The view scrolls every time automation is attempted to be drawn, placing the cursor at the wrong place:


Solution: suspend re-centering the view while drawing on the automation lane.

There is no keycommand to quickle toggle “Reveal Parameter on Write” on and off, so I assume this is not intended behavior as it makes it impossible to draw automation properly, and I can’t go back to the Automation Panel’s cog panel each time to turn this on and off while working.

Funny bug. Reveal…on write exists for every case except for this, the case where you would never need the automation to be revealed.

But it prompts the question- - are you both drawing automation with the pencil tool, and writing by mousing knobs and faders, or using a remote?

In the demonstration I’m only using the Draw tool (pencil). For the record, it doesn’t happen with the Object Selection tool unless you hold alt.

If your question is about workflow: Reveal Parameter on Write can quickly show an automation lane for any parameter. Let me know if there’s a faster way to achieve that.

Well, to clarify what I meant- the reveal function is there so that when a fader or knob is manipulated with the mouse to write automation, its lane opens up to make it easy to find.

Since that’s unnecessary when drawing right in the lane, since it’s already open, I was curious to know if you use both methods in your usual workflows, generally speaking, to write automation. That would be a use-case that could give a reason for changing the way the pref works.

What I figure is that the assumption on the devs’ side is that people will do one or the other, but not both, so they left that behavior alone due to the time involved in changing it, or the risk of breaking something else.

Or, it’s just a bug!

I don’t know if other people use a combination of drawing and remote recording. In that case they probably don’t use this feature because of the re-centering behavior.

My personal use is for quickly opening up parameter lanes by touching VST elements. It’s like a more cumbersome version of FL Studio’s “Last tweaked” option where you can select the last touched VST parameter, without having to record it for a second.

I do consider it a bug. Re-centering the lane has no purpose here, and it only happens with the Draw tool, not the Object Selection tool. The Draw tool should always remain functional.

I do both, as djw described.
Consider this usage:

  • Recording automation using a remote controller, have option on for convenience.
  • Use draw tool to edit small section of recorded automation
  • … annoying problem
    So for this workflow I’d consider this a bug

Fixed in C9.5.0 :slight_smile: