[Fixed] Score Edit Bug: Chords change unexpectedly

Is this behavior the same in Cubase 6? I found this in Mac Cubase 5.5.2


Create midi track and part in new project.
Open Score edit.
Create the chord spelled ‘Cmin’ using the pencil tool and typing into the text fields of the Edit Chord Symbol window. (e.g., not using the chord type drop down)
You now have this chord: ‘Cmin’

Close score edit

open list edit and look at the chord event, it has changed
Open score edit, the chord is now spelled differently: it is now ‘C-’

How the chord depends on what the chord was originally, and some other stuff, but I could not decipher what. Going to Chord Settings>Chord Symbols and clicking Apply to Chords fixes this particular case, but does not in other cases.

edited for clarity…

Hi Steve,
I think I must have left my brain on the pillow this morning ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) but I am not quite understanding your recipe…

How are you creating the chord?

Heh. Perhaps things would go better if I hadn’t left my brain at the bar last night. Oh, wait, it’s sitting right here beside me! :neutral_face:

I left out this important part.

Create the chord using the chord symbol and pencil tool and typing into the text fields of the Edit Chord Symbol window.

Ah yes, I see what you mean now. Definitely a bug (tested in Cubase 5.5 here).
It is the fact of opening the Part in the List Editor, that forces the Display back to “C-”.
I’d be surprised if this were any different in Cubase 6 (it’s not as if this were an already well-known bug).
Anyways, it’s known now :wink: (let’s hope that someone from SB sees it here)

Thanks Vic!

I will edit my first post accordingly.

One of the things that keeps me using Cubase is that you have multiple options to edit a given thing. At some point I started seeing these chords change- it gets weird, sometimes minor chords change into #9 chords for instance.

It was that I had recently started using list edit.

What I would love to see is the chord types changed to correspond with jazz theory- e.g., major, minor, dominant, half diminished and diminished. But that’s for a different thread.

In the mean time I demand that the chord types Major and Minor demolished and the Moronic Minor scale be added to the menus right away!

All the best,

Also “demented” (or “cemented”, if you prefer), not forgetting the ever-popular Carbolic and Bubonic scales :mrgreen:

Right, Vic. I love how the C demented leads so forcefully down to F Carbolic. Some of the contemporary cats are doing poly-modal improvs with Bubonic and Moronic. Seems like a recipe for catastrophe if you ask me!

When the oopsie daisy is Steinberg going to get its maxus fraxus act together! holly bollaks, batman


I checked it in C6, happens there also. But I discovered a funny thing: if you open the list editor but the “comment” field where the chord symbol is displayed is hidden behind the event display window (the middle part of the list editor) then the chord symbol doesn’t change… but as soon as you scroll to the right in order to display the “comment” column it changes.
I noticed this because at first I was not able to reproduce the bug but I found no mention of the value of the chord symbol in the list editor either (with the exception of the status display row) because I expected it to be displayed in one of the value fields; but then I scrolled to the right and I saw C- which was displayed also in score edit afterwards.

Yes! I found the same thing. It has to be visible to make the change.

There is more to this bug too, try going to Staff Settings, Chords. Click the button labeled “apply to chords” the chord spelling changes. Works best if you start with min.

I have a support callback coming tomorrow, I’ll post the result…


Spoke with Brad H. from US support, he reproduced it, so it should be fixed straight away! :confused:

While I was at it I found that you cannot save a workspace with the key edit window anywhere besides at the top of the screen. He repro’d that too.

Call me the exterminator. :sunglasses:

That’s already fixed in C6 :wink: it had been broken since 5.5 and I reported it immediately when it came out. I’m really glad this works again because that bug really broke my workflow!

No kidding. Cool.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Yummy, more tonal colors! :wink:

Bug still present in Cubase 6.0.1


I did not found an entry in our DevTrack system. I made a report regarding the issue for further investigation (28526)


Great, thanks Chris.

Fixed in 6.0.2