fixed velocity for midi input

is there a way to have incoming midi notes tranformed to have constant velocity (and recorded that way, when recording is enabled), other than turning to your actual midi controller’s settings?

there are midi plugins / midi modifiers, but those work in realtime and therefore need to be bounced afterwards.

(btw. i am not refering to midi input velocity when drawing in notes manually.)

thank you.

On midi tracks there is a midi modifiers tab. Velocity is one of the options under range. Modifiers is also a plugin for instrument tracks

If you use the MIDI Insert, and you want your MIDI to be recorded that way, there is now a new “Record” button in the Insert pane of the MIDI/Instrument track’s Inspector. (It only becomes visible when you Activate an Insert FX)
Alternatively, instead of using a MIDI Insert, use the Input Transformer (whose transformed data will get recorded anyways)

ok the input transformer should work for me, thank you.

(wish there was a global switch for this however, ideally on the transport bar.)

When you set up the track the way you want it, use the track presets. Then you can always create the track type with the settings you want.