Fixing cresc./dim. of imported Sibelius files automatically


While the XML import capability has fewer issues than I expected, one of the things that I need to fix more often in pieces coming from Sibelius are the crescendi and decrescendi.

In Sibelius, I typically wrote an expression text with cresc./dim. and a hidden hairpin, but in Dorico I get a visible hairpin and a staff text with cresc./dim (Roman type and above the staff).


I understand that the visible/hidden information isn’t encoded in XML, but would there be a way to fix this for all the dynamics of a piece in a single operation? Something along the lines of “If there’s a staff text with cresc./dim. and a hairpin on a certain beat, delete the text and change the hairpin’s gradual style to cresc./dim.”.

Another option could be to make some fixes in the Sibelius file with something like a plugin, and leave things prepared so that Dorico interprets the dynamics as they’re meant to be. However, I have no clue of what could work here.

Thank you.

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I don’t think this kind of tools you are searching for exist yet, but if you want to facilitate your manual work, I can recommend selecting all text objects (preferably with select more) and changing their colour to something that stands out, like bright red, which will make it heaps easier to identify them.