Fixing errors

Hi everyone,

you probably all know the staccato type noise that is introduced into an audio signal by cell phones.

Is it possible to fix (or lessen) this with global analysis or some other tool? I tried the global analysis method but the first problem is that errors need to be spaced apart by at least 1 second and the cell phone noise repeats rapidly (seems to be 4-5 spikes repeated every 60 ms or so).

Glad for any ideas,

Use Error Detection and Correction (you’ll need to adjust detection settings), or Spectrum Editing.
(They can be found in the manual table of contents):

Or the Sonnox de-clicker plugin.

If none of those work well enough for you, you could try the Wavelab 9 demo, which has improved versions of ED&C and Spectrum Editing, with Audio Inpainting repair.

If that doesn’t do it, you could try Izotope RX spectrum editing, which has a “Find Similar” function, or one of the other RX tools.

Great thanks! I’ll try those suggestions.


The Sonnex De-Clicker did the best job of removing the noise bursts. Unfortunately, it also removed most of the useful signal. I found my peace by giving up one of the source channels, which left me with a (clean) mono channel.