Fixing the number of bars per system in selection


according to the help documentation,
we can globally fix the number of bars per system.

Is there a way to do it with selected bars?

No, fixed casting off is a layout-specific option.

Hm… it would be effective if we could override the casting off manually.

You can: system breaks, frame breaks, and “Make into…” still work if you have fixed casting off.

But I know what you mean: turning off that function for a range of bars.

I do this, but I feel it is not efficient.


Fixing the number of measure in Dorico could be more flexible. Just implementing the feature “lock the layout N bar(s) per system”, the workflow in Dorico will be extremely fast.

For most layouts, it should not be necessary to lock down every system. Dorico does a pretty good job of laying out the music: usually only a couple of system/frame breaks are needed. Don’t forget to set the Note Spacing value (or change it for particular regions) to a suitable value, which will give better, quicker results than forcing every system.

I know I’ve said this before but I constantly need to set bars per system and would love to be able to select a range of bars and set x bars per system. This is one of the few things quicker in Finale.

I will +1 Steve’s request. Finale has an incredibly powerful, flexible way of selecting any range of bars, setting the systems to lock with X number of bars and then applying it locally, globally or even selectively across any set of parts you want.

Yes, Dorico does cast off bars beautifully on its own but commercial type of copying work requires setting systems to contain specific numbers of bars consistently across parts to coincide with musical phrases. Some more tools to help make this happen quicker in Dorico will be much appreciated if they can be added!

Also, for what it’s worth. When you set casting off globally to 4 bars, Dorico considers a multi measure rest as one bar instead of 4 or 3 or whatever number of bars the multi bar rest is. That’s counterintuitive, at least for the purposes of commercial copying. If the phrase is 4 bars and there’s a 4 bar rest you should get one 4 bar rest that spans the whole system. Currently Dorico places the 4 bar multi rest and then 3 more bars after that on the system which is actually 7 bars.

My reasons are the same: measures per system having meaning in terms of musical phrasing. There really is no automatic answer to multi-bar rests. If i’m setting systems to four then I would want a four bars rest to take a whole line. But…if I had eight bars rest I would also want that to fill a system. Seven bars rest +bar of music etc.

+1 from me too.
The automatic casting works quite well. But if I write shlashes for Rhythm Section or Soloists it’s common sense to show 4 or even 8 bars per System to make the form of the Song clear. However setting it to 4 bars globally messes up the casting of the written notes. For a long Solo that’s a lot systembreaks. In Finale I would have been done with that part of layout by now. (Others aspects probably not :wink: