FL Step Editor "ghost notes" in Cubase --> the easy way

Hello All,

Just a short note for all those looking to reproduce the FL ghost note mode in Cubase key editor (if you don’t know what it is, we are talking about the possibility of editing a pattern in which we see the events of all the other tracks)
I looked for some time before I could reproduce it in Cubase (just because I hadn’t thought about it before, and I’m sure I’m not the only one).
It’s true that it’s really a treat in FL studio…but Cubase is also able to do it (a little less fluid maybe but when we understand we quickly get into the habit)

Of course it’s easy to display the data of the patterns you want. You select them and you enter in key editor. No problem.

BUT, when you are trying to edit a note, if by some misfortune you select an event from another track, then it is this track that is edited and it is really painful ! (and really problematic when there are overlays of notes !!)

Here the trick :

  • From 2 or more differents tracks, selected the pattern you need to edit/see.
  • In Step editor, choose “Edit active parts” in Part Editing Note.
  • Select the Draw tool (not the arrow !)
  • Select the track you need to edit and… Voila ! :slight_smile:
    You can edit and overlap without changing the track !

Extra Trick :
Colorize your tracks and choose “Part” in Event Colors of the key editor. Much clearer and readable.

Hope it will help someone.


Thanks brother nice trick. Its easier in FL , but anyways it’s a nice workaround. Thanks Bro :grin:

Yes, for sure, FL is so efficient.
If I had to use the step seq, definitely I’ll choseFL but it must be admitted that cubase also has many advantages that FL does not offer.
I don’t like the idea of integrating FL as a VST, so I had to find a method that is the closest.