Fl studio user considering cross grade to cubase pro 12

Well the title says it all really

Anyone chosen this path

Good, bad or ugly?

It would be really beneficial to also include your type of productions and genre objectives. Hobbyist or professional under deadlines? Yes, others have chosen this path.

Well I been a purist sampling beatmaker to a beatmaker with sample as the core and I would like to go on to making beats with more instrumentation and sequencing as to avoid copyright issues and potentially monetise with improvement of my production style and workflow

My ten year plan is to make some money and then marry a decent bird from Iceland and move over there to avoid the scorching heat of the global warming…

I would of chosen Scotland, however I am not really hard or aggressive…

I have been prolific on and off and would describe myself as a hobbyist with intermediate knowledge…

I also have the odd bit of recording vocals and or instruments now and then…

You could download the trial version and see for yourself.

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I wish I could, I spend an unfathomable amount of dough that I ain’t likely to get for a long long time on a custom 3XS system from Scan computers and after the dpd failed to deliver it a fair few times it was finally delivered and didn’t even switch on, so now I am waiting for it’s return after returning it and all I know is it’s in a que for an available engineer, it would seem on the scan instagram you can have a free custom with stuff they don’t even sell on the website if you are an influencer… in any ways I am ranting, researching and giving strange people from the other end of the internet my money for serial codes to their programming efforts and so on for vsts and audio software etc …

Hi Matthew,

Keep in mind that a DAW is just a tool. If this tool allows you to produce then no reason to change it. If this tool allows you to produce then no reason to change it because otherwise you will have to deal with new problems, learn a new system and you will produce less.
You can also make beats from scratch from FL.
Are the FL tools enough, that’s the central question. There’s probably a reason why so many beatmakers are using FL . Ergonomics, workflow,…FL is surely more suitable for creating on the fly…and when you’re used to a DAW it’s hard to change.

Also, think money management. You pay FL Studio for life when you have to pay for each new version in Cubase…

Try the fee version, this is the only way to know if a DAW is for you or not.

I have used everything from Orion to Renoise and that’s not even the right order

I have found myself drawn to Renoise a while

Before that it was fl then I went back to fl

Tbh I find fl kinda blocky and the non linear placement of any ol’ shiz on any old track is somewhat chaotic for me

I have always seen FL as the best option for those making EDM along with Live by Ableton, While Cubase is an efficient and solid all-rounder. So if you are looking to cover more styles and session types then Cubase might be the one. if you are predominantly EDM and working with beats and loops, then perhaps jumping from FLS to Cubase wont do much.

Then again it’s about workflow and what suits you. Cubase has great midi. I would stick with what you have and when you are up and running again give the Cubase 12 month demo a try and see how it works for you., there is a lot under the hood.

What is cubase like without a midi keyboard, just a mouse and ascii keyboard?

Also secretly I think if I can moan over a copy of cubase like real artists I can be taken more seriously….

I also recon that the jargon is a bit more wordy in cubase so I will at least read more clever words n that init bruv!

I’m primarily a guitar player with very minimal keyboard chops, so I’d say 95%+ of the MIDI I’m doing is hand entered.

Cubase (especially Pro) has a lot of music theory built into it. For example in the Key Editor (piano roll) Notes can be color coded based on if they are in the current Scale & Chord. Or you can build a progression on the Chord Track and just drag it onto an Instrument Track. Also there are several Logical Editors that let you manipulate MIDI (and other) data in a custom manner. For MIDI there are 4 different editors - Key Editor, List Editor, Drum Editor and Score Editor. Also you can convert Audio to MIDI, including chords now with C12.

You might want to take a look at this comparison chart to see what MIDI tools are available in different versions.

That sounds pretty good, I have read that also and it all looks quite good, there is even a dark mode scheme on it too

Fl studio basically has a scale detection of midi notes but only minor and major and the scale highlight has every scale imaginable which can be confusing when cutting up jazz samples and such and trying to figure out or convert and clean from audio to midi

The workflows are quite different, to be sure.
FL Studio is nice when editing, especially when creating “patterns” if you like that workflow because the closest thing you get in Cubase is the Drum Editor, and it’s not the same thing.
Cubase is nice for its routing and studio-like setup. No need to manually assign new mixer channels to new tracks/instruments, because everything belongs to some particular track.
Also, bussing/grouping in Cubase is quite flexible and logical (at least to me) and setting up things like “bus kick to a separate send, which has a narrow EQ which in turn is bussed as sidechain input to another bus where bass and pad is compressed” is quite easy and straightforward.

So, if you’re mainly into painting pattern based beats, FL studio might fit you better. If you’re into deliberately setting up mixes and arrangements, Cubase may offer you more than FL Studio. But there’s no rule that says you have to use only one; I have three DAWs on my system (Cubase, FL, and Ableton.)

Well I wanna focus on one program
I am gonna download the demo when I get my new girlfriend (Pc) delivered
And â– â– â– â–  with that for a while, see how it goes
In the past when trying different programs / daws I have found it gives you a new or old familiar perspective you had forgotten about previously
Which is to me a progression in creative process

BTW…I’m on my 3rd Scan system in like 15 years. Great company…and the customer service and tech support are brilliant. Just give them a call and talk through your problems…all will be well

Some years ago I realized when I had multiple DAWs that it was better for me (your mileage may vary) to learn one DAW really well rather than three DAWs more superficially.

yeah agreed