FLAC compression as a preset

Before saving FLAC files, Wavelab asks for a compression level.

Since I always use the same compression level (fastest, least compression), I would appreciate if I could choose in Preferences the compression level for once and not being asked any more for this parameter.

PG, is this conceivable?

Thank you


It is already possible. Set the compression level and save a preset.

Thank you for the quick reply PG !

Oh yes, if we had a decent manual … :cry:

Kind regards


Not quite what I meant:

I import a FLAC file for editing.
After some trimming, I want to save the file under the same name:
Save file (Ctrl + S) ==> the window “FLAC Encoding” opens.

How can I get rid of this window (using a preference setting) and proceed immediately to saving?

Hmm, I see. This needs indeed some kind of shortcut, but there is none at this time. I take note for the future.

Ok, thank you Philippe !

I take note for the future.

Does that mean it could be included in 7.2 ?

Sorry, it,s too late for 7.2