FLAC conversion with METADATA


i just discovered that the dBpoweramp that i use to batch .WAV to .FLAC removes all the metadata from BWF (including desciption and origin time) !! great.
Do you recommand a tool to do that and make sure all metadata are safe ?


so i did little more test and it looks like the metadata “BWF Description” is not transferred if file is converted to FLAC. field is left blank.
but metadata “comment” from BWF is converted to the FLAC metadata “comment” correctly.
any trick to get BWF Description transferred properly ?

Isn’t that a question for the dBPoweramp forum?


Sorry i was not clear. dBpoweramp is the soft i use but any solution i use creates same result with BWF.
Same when i import BWF to nuendo asking for flac conversion. I loose metadata including timecode origin (!)
maybe i have something set wrong somewhere

As far as I can see, Origin Time is not part of the FLAC metadata.


… mmm i’l look into this. But how how come i’m using FLAC in nuendo and can use the “mobe to origin” function if no timecode is in the metadata ?

I am not sure that what I am saying is 100% correct.
The BWF header is a convention, so each application writes the information in the exact same place, in the same format into the file.
That means that any other application can also read that information.

There are however place enough,for “as the application pleases” to store metadata.
For another application to read that metadata, it needs to know where and how that data is placed.
So it could be that Origin Time is not part of the official FLAC metadata, but that Steinberg has stored it “somewhere” for use in Cubendo.

I am just guessing here …


Makes sense.

But why use FLAC?
Disc storage isn’t a problem anymore these days, no!?


Still flac is 3 time less, less storage less time transfer, less backup online… why .wav :thinking:

Why .wav?
With other users, with transfer protocls like OMF/AAF, metadata, name something …
Even with our smallest projects like a radio ad or TV commercial, it happens that we need to transfer the project, or some of the files to another studio.

Honestly, I don’t know much about FLAC and which systems/protocols support FLAC, so I might be BS-ing …


there’s pros and cons for both i guess. But i remember having from time to time some corrupted wave files and when nuendo proposed falc i went all for it and give it a try. When i need compatibility anyway it means i go out of nuendo and it always need a special export like AAF or batch export and then i can convert to waves.

also… yes storage is cheaper today but all is relative if you concider 96k … 192 now with many high quality sound banks. just add 5.1 or many shows i do in 8 or 12 channels and you understand why flac is a good idea.

about my METADATA problem i realise some .wav were not recognized by mediabay crashing nuendo to desktop. although nuendo could import and play them.
so … i decided to convert all to flac and write 500 files time 5 metadata… manually !
now all files are ok and media bay is happy with the new flac files…
go figure out