.flac in Cubase 5

Hi. I was wondering if there was any way to get a .flac file into Cubase 5. Audio import doesn’t have this as an option, maybe someone knows of a workaround or maybe it’s just not possible.

Alternatively, does anyone know of a free flac to wav converter. I have Nero 14, Adobe MC CS6 and a few other thing that convert stuff but it seems like no one is supporting flac much. I read somewhere that Cubase 6.5 and 7 will record to it, I assume that means play it too, but I love my 5 and was thinking about going with Pro Tools in a little while, only because that’s what everyone I work with uses. I wish they didn’t.


I use Oxelon Media Converter. It’s free, imports .flac and converts to anything.

Thanks a lot man, that looks perfect. Unfortunately, it’s not working on my computer. It freezes immediately when I hit ‘conversion’. It doesn’t list Windows 7 as compatible on the site, I wonder if that’s why. I tried running it in the compatibility mode for XP, but it froze immediately. Does anyone know about this? I may just have to buy the cd again and rip it to .wav.

*I take that back. It’s freezing immediately when I try to import the file.

Hmm. I’m using it on Vista 64. I’ll try it on my W7 'puter and see if I have any trouble.

I re-installed it and it seems to work on about half the formats but says unsupported under status and a right click on the file once it’s in the queue brings up a dialog that says ‘unsupported media format’. i don’t get it, i must have something set wrong now. the .flac still isn’t working, neither is .wav. when i re-installed it, i put it in the 64bit program files folder instead of the (x86) folder. i wouldn’ t think that would make a difference, but that’s when it kind of started working. i thought maybe it was a problem with the plugins, so just for laughs i installed that into the x86 as well as the 64bit folder and then it stopped again. The only combination I haven’t tried is the main program in c:\program files\ with no plugins, but it seems like it pretty much made me install the plugins the first time.

Well, I was going to download it on my W7 'puter but saw that it’s only supported in Windows '98 through Vista. That’s probably why it’s free.

Here is a free flac converter:


I sometimes use Audacity. It exports and imports loads of file formats and its free:D