FLAC Truncation Issue

I’m extracting the audio track from DVDs and writing it out as an FLAC with FFMPEG to keep the physical file size below 2GB - previous Wavelab file size restriction.

In one example the audio duration of the file is 01:18:52 and the FLAC writes without issue and is playable on the Mac. Wavelab, however, is only opening 00:01:50 of the file.

I tested this with various other DVD audio tracks which differ in duration and Wavelab continues to load only 00:01:50 of each of the files.

Just wondering if anyone else can replicate this and whether it might be a potential format bug? Worked fine in Pro 9.5.


I have here a +2 hour flac file that decodes equally well in WaveLab 9.5 and 10.
Are you sure you don’t run out of space?
If you are sure you have a problem, please make a sample file available for me.

Thanks for the reply.

Quite by chance, I discovered that when opening the file, I need to select it first without double-clicking it to load it. Selecting it first appears to allow Wavelab to scan it entirely before loading it. Then it loads correctly.

Again I tested this on multiple files. Some I just double-clicked and only 00:01:50 gets loaded. It needs to be ‘scanned’ first before it will load it in full. So in answer to your question, it’s not a space issue but I don’t recall 9.5 operating like this. I remember simply double-clicking the file to load it without issues.

However, it appears to working even though it requires this scan first.