Flagpole labels out of view

If there are too many flagpoles in a small area it can happen that some labels are going to be outside of the layout area and become unselectable. In the attached screenshot there is a system break as very first item but its label is pushed too far to the top, so it’s not visible anymore. I know that I could theoretically switch off the chord markers individually the same issue would arise if there are lots of hidden chord symbols and the frst few would be out of reach.


This is a bit of a tricky problem to solve in general. We could, and indeed plan to, change the way that the signposts are stacked so that they can tuck in together more tightly, but in situations like this I’m afraid I don’t think there’s any solution that would both allow you to show all of the signposts and prevent them from disappearing off the top of the page.

Hm, perhaps don’t show certain signposts if they are in the middle of a multi-measure rest? In these cases they aren’t actually relevant anyway, don’t you think?

If you then changed your mind about needing something to show (and to break a multi-measure rest), how would you do it, Stephan?

Well, show just those that would appear at the first bar of a multi-measure rest. I’m specifically thinking about signposts for chord symbols here that clearly wouldn’t make much sense to be shown on a multi-measure rest. And I don’t think other signposts would appear as frequently as in the image posted above.