flags put into the score with system break

I have flags put into the score with system breaks and adding bars (for eg. shft b, then +4). they can cover notes. I cannot move them in engrave mode but can delete them on some occasions with a simple delete without changing th music. on occasion it removes the bars addition, etc. does anyone understand the logic in these flags and particularly how to get them out of the way when they are in the way to writing the music?

I know they have been added for a reason. There were hidden meter marks that caused problems in the previous version, because it was impossible to delete such bars… And now we have this problem which I experienced today. Maybe there is a workaround to hide them on a one-at-a-time basis, when needed. Let’s wait for someone from Dorico’s team to tell us !

You can switch these off via the View > Signposts menu.

Thanks Ian,
I did not notice this new menu !

it didn’t turn off flags for meter flags, which are still in the way and not sure why needed. I still have two; was able to simply cut the one at bar 8 or so and everything was ok, but there is one at the beginning (I had added measures to the beginning) and if I delete it, the meter goes. doesn’t seem to be a way to get rid of the flag, which covers tempo marking (can move move the tempo marking in engraving, but shouldn’t have to be necessary).