Flamming Click

Annoying flam happening when I select audio click. Not sure why this is happening again. Anyone know how to fix? Thanks…

Annoying little info happening when I read thread…

Hello, :slight_smile:
How exactly do you have your metronome settings configured?
Which audio interface are you using?
Which driver do you have selected under Devices–> Device Setup–> VST Audiosystem?


Take your free time, since you seem to have a lot between warcraft games, and give it to someone useful.

Aloha d,

Not to speak for thinkingcap but I believe what he means is if
someone posts a prob, it is very helpful to us readers to know what gear
(hard and software) you are using and how it is configured so we can try and help.

This is evidenced by JHP’s post (note the official blue in the name) asking those questions.

And even tho you took the ‘time’ to respond with a quote from thinkingcap,
you still did not list any gear, configurations etc.

So to repeat JHP’s question:

‘How exactly do you have your metronome settings configured?
Which audio interface are you using?
Which driver do you have selected under Devices–> Device Setup–> VST Audiosystem?’

Perhaps we can help.


Damn curteye, you must be one of the most patient and polite people I’ve seen on any forum. Kudos for that! :sunglasses:

And although a little less subtle, Thinkingcap is right: the more detail you provide, the more people can help (and it starts with a fitting/relevant topic title, which a lot of topics often lack).

I know some forums where after an OP like that, the thread would’ve been closed at an instance with the request to post more details and a bit of effort in terms of personal input/research.

Not necessarily saying that is what we should do here, but I do think a good constructed OP can only be beneficial for everyone. :slight_smile:

Help us so we can help you! :smiley:

I think that sometimes because help is so freely given on the forum, in some people’s minds at least, it is expected, in the same way that support is offered by the software vendor. It isn’t, they are two separate entities. Support is offered by Steinberg to all registered users. It’s very good but you do have to wait until such time as the Tech Support agent can get back to you. This can sometimes mean a couple of days before you get a response to your query. They also request, before you submit your request, that you check the Knowledge Base and Forum.

The forum offers an opportunity to have a quick response to your query. Often within hours of posting. I have certainly benefited from such support. Bear in mind though - the forum is mostly populated, not by Tech Support personnel, but by users like you and I, albeit, with more experience and knowledge of the products. They don’t have to respond to your posts, they do it because they are willing to share their knowledge and (presumably) remember what it’s like to be floundering amidst the complexities of the software.

Altruism has its limits though. Short terse posts, offering practically no information regarding your problem, is unlikely to elicit the response that you had hoped for. Take note that, a month after you first posted, you still don’t know how to solve your problem and the only replies that you have received have been about the format of your original post and not the query itself.

If somebody replies to your post asking for more information and they have ‘Senior Member’ or better in their description, the odds are that they know the answer to your question. They can’t answer it though if you don’t provide enough information for them to work on. In addition, you were also requested by a Tech Support agent here in the forum to provide more information and you didn’t.

In essence, you have to ask yourself, how much do you really want to have a solution to this problem? :unamused:

Wow, I didn’t realize everyone was so sensitive. The problem is not that the response was asking for more (or any) specs. It was that someone had the time to respond, and chose to be sarcastic. It’s lame. Be that as it may, the reason I didn’t post specs is because I was looking for someone who knows this issue to respond. Not have 20 people ask for specs and try to troubleshoot the problem. Also, I thought I had put my specs in my signature, but it seems I am mistaken. So…APOLOGIES EVERYONE…except for thinkingcap. I meant every word of what I said to you.

What a monumental waste of time it was to read this thread!

What a monumental waste of time it was to post it. Hate forum dorks.

What a monumental waste of time it was to post it. Hate forum dorks.[/alogy!

Good analogy! :laughing:

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Thinkingcap, haha, you have been misunderstood so completely I am laughing pretty hard as I read this!! Man, in a perfect world the OP would see the error of his ways, have a laugh at his own defensiveness, apologize to you and get back to his question. How about it OP? Nobody here is wishing you ill or trying to embarrass you, believe me.

I have come across this problem before (Flam’ing click, that is), though it seems the OP isn’t interested in a response from anyone now, so I’ll leave it be…

yuck yuck yuck. You slay me.

thinkingcap: Lame!
dela1230: Crybaby!

I suspect you have the click activated in both the Control Room (the button in the CR panel), and in one of your active outputs (on the Outputs page of the Devices menu>VST Connections dialog).

Problem was fixed with the update. It wasn’t flamming on every click, which is what threw me. It would randomly just play one of my click samples out of time. Very strange. Then, if I deactivated the click and turned it back on several times it would eventually stop. Very odd bug. I remember people posting about this in v6 a few months ago, but it never seemed to get addressed for some reason. Thanks for offering a real answer. Much appreciated.