Flanging Effect On Recording Input


I’ve recently started having a mysterious flanging effect present on my input signals when recording new tracks. It only occurs when the yellow monitoring button is selected and the playback monitor knob is turned up on the PreSonus Firepod. I’ve experimented with every setting I can think of, including lower latency, and various monitoring settings. I recently changed from 16 bit to 24 bit, but I can’t imagine why this is causing the irritating problem. I’m using CueBase LE 4 on iMac with OS 10.7.4 Lion with 8 GB of Ram. I’m hoping this is some setting that I accidentally selected or deselected somewhere. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


You probably are monitoring both

  1. Via Cubase (“yellow button”)
  2. Directly through your PreSonus card
    at the same time. In this case you monitor two copies of the same signal, but few milliseconds apart. That definitely causes comb-filtering (ie. “flanging”)

Thanks a lot! I’m using a Mac so it’s just the PreSonus device, no card, and I have selected device in the Mac Audio setup. There is no control panel with the FirePod anymore, since I upgraded to LE 4. It seems at one time, I could monitor tracks without the yellow monitor button being on, as long as I had the device input turned up. Sorry about my lack of knowledge here. I know just enough about this stuff to be slightly dangerous, and routing, signalling paths always throw me for a loop. Thanks again!