Flat and/or sharp symbol in Line text

I can create a dashed line below the staff (good); I can add test at start of that dashed line using the properties panel (good) … But, I want the test to say A[flat symbol] pedal. I can’t get the flat symbol by using {@flat@}. Please, what should I do to get it?


Your best bet is probably to go Library > Line Annotations…, add a new one in the Music Symbol section (using the plus button at the bottom left), then add “A” as a letter using the Horizontal line font, the flat as a glyph from Bravura Text then “pedal” as a separate piece of text that uses the Horizontal line font.

Once you’ve saved that with a useful name, you can either drop it into a new custom line or you can add a factory line onto the page and find your Line Annotation in the Start cap property dropdown.