Flat doesn't look right

Clarinets in B-flat don’t display the actual flat correctly.
Also clarinet 1 and 2 display the transposition differently, even though I have clicked “reset to default” on both player and layout.
In clarinet 2 the flat itself is good, but there is a big space both before and after the flat. Clarinet 1 displays with ordinary letters, no special flat sign.
Clarinet 3 behaves like clarinet 2.
Skärmavbild 2024-03-14 kl. 11.42.29
Skärmavbild 2024-03-14 kl. 11.42.40
Skärmavbild 2024-03-14 kl. 11.43.01
Skärmavbild 2024-03-14 kl. 11.43.09

How to solve this?

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For Clarinet 1, you just have a Bb there, not a token for a flat, so you are just getting the letter b. For Clarinet 2, you have the token correct, but I think it is using the unicode flat that’s in your text font (U+266D maybe?) and not the flat from your Character Styles / Music Text setting. I’m not sure why, but definitely double-check what font you have specified there.

With the correct Character Style specified, and the correct token, they seem to work fine for me, regardless of placement:

Thank you, in the layout on the default and first page I use Garamond. Is that what you mean? Or do you mean another font selection somewhere?

The token should use the flat glyph from your Character Styles / Music Text setting. What font do you have selected there? Bravura Text? Something else?

It says Bravura Text, Regular

Hmm, sorry, I’m not sure why the token isn’t working then. I just tried again and it seems to work fine for me. Maybe try re-typing it in? The flat showing in your image is definitely not from Bravura Text, so something is going awry at some stage of input.

Thanks for your help. I have also reset instrument names, player name and layout name, but it does not solve my problem. Strange! Does anyone else have any idea what could be wrong?

The only efficient way to resolve the problem is to attach the project itself here so we can take a look at it. You can make a copy and cut it down if you’re worried about sharing the music itself.

Thank you, will do right away. Good suggestion to cut it down.

Here is a severely cut down version of the score, which as a result looks very rough, but I don’t think that affects my issue.
Test to solve clarinet name layout.dorico (1.6 MB)

The issue that bothers me is that the flat in the clarinet layouts/parts does not look right. Also, on the first page of the full score clarinet 3 does not look right.
Thanks in advance to anyone who makes an effort to try and solve this.

OK - I’ve got it, and I’m really pleased I have as it’s been bugging me in a project that I’m currently working on, too.

The weird unicode flat you’re seeing is a consequence of how you’ve set up (or someone else has set up, as in my case) your Page Templates. Rather than going to Library > Paragraph Styles and setting the Layout Name Paragraph Style to use the Garamond font, you (or whoever) have gone to the Page Template Editor, highlighted the {@layoutname@} token and manually overridden it to use Garamond. The result is that the whole token, including the flat symbol, is rendered in Garamond.

Garamond doesn’t have flats or sharps of its own, so you’re seeing the fallback ones provided by the operating system (I’m not sure I fully understand this so I’m not going to attempt to explain further).

The fix, therefore, is to set the Layout Name Paragraph Style to the correct font from Library > Paragraph Styles, then to go through the Page Templates, select the relevant text and confirm the Paragraph Style (thus removing the overrides).


Thank you so much, what would be the correct font for me to select?

There’s no problem with using Garamond. It’s just a case of where you set it.
Don’t do it from within the Page Templates Editor. Do it from Library > Paragraph Styles. Then in the Page Templates Editor, select the layout name token wherever it appears, and select the Paragraph Style again from the text toolbar (and don’t set anything else there).

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Thanks a lot!
I had messed this up for myself, obviously.
Now I got it working for the parts. But clarinet 3 still displays incorrectly on the first page of the full score. Do you understand why that is?
What have I missed?

Do you have a page override on that page? Little red triangle on the pages panel on the right. If so, right click and remove the override.

I don’t on that page, I do on several others.

I attempted removing all page overrides, it did not solve the problem.

If you’re talking about the instrumentation page, that block of text appears to be using the Default Text Paragraph Style, but again, you’ve not set the Paragraph Style itself to use Garamond; you’ve just overridden the individual text so that it uses Garamond.

The fix is exactly the same: in Library > Paragraph Styles, set the Default Text Paragraph Style to use Garamond. On the individual page, set the instrumentation text to use the Default Text Paragraph Style. Do not touch anything else in the text editing toolbar.

Thank you, you just answered a question I had not even realised I needed to ask!
What I was after is way “Bass Clarinet & Clarinet Bb 3” is displayed on the first page of the score. It shows the token. How make this right?

Ah. The Player Name option seems to be one place where Music Symbols haven’t been hooked up. If you’re using a font for Staff Labels that doesn’t have nice flats I’m not sure there’s a good way around this at present.