Flat Notes, Flat Keys in Chord Assistant, etc.

Re: Chord Assistant

I love all of Cubase’s chord tools, except for one thing: no Flat Notes, Flat Keys in the Chord Assistant, Chord Editor, etc.

Yes, the enharmonic handling has improved and I do appreciate that, but a logical next step would be to give us Flat Notes and Flat Chords in the assistants.

Having to transpose from A# to Bb, etc. is just annoying and counter-intuitive. I little #/b toggle or a preference setting on this would be wonderful.

Thanks for your consideration.

(Cubase Pro 10.0.6)

I’m seeing flats in the Chord Assistant here. Maybe there is a Preference?

Yes, that part they did address and I’m glad for that. The Chord Editor is what I’d like changed.

The only Preference I know of is the one to Display Enharmonics per the Chord Track, under “Chords” “Enharmonic from Cord Track” (or whatever it is exactly) It’s not the end of the world, but, once in a while, it bothers me to have to transpose G# to Ab in the Editor.

The Enharmonic handling since Ver Pro 8 – where I started with Cubase (coming from Sonar, Cakewalk, Voyetra Spg Gold) – has been good, imho. This would be small welcome, even ‘cool’ refinement.

I should have been clearer in my first post. I changed the topic from “Assistant” to “Editor.”