flat symbol in layout names

If I want to change the Layout name from Trumpet (B Flat) in B(flat symbol), How do you do that?
Flat Symbol.jpg

To make this, I had to enter it in Engrave mode, since I could not access a font with flats in the Layout panel (right panel) of the Setup mode to automate the process (with tokens). Write the text in any font you want and activate music font on the Character style field for the flat (U+260 or copy from http://www.smufl.org/version/latest/range/standardAccidentals12Edo/ )

Hope it helps !
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Copy/Paste from here…

It can be entered directly into the Layout Name. No need to use Engrave Mode.

Well, Craig, this contradicts what I just stated before… and it does not work here ! Where do you edit the Layout name, if it is not double clicking the Layout name on the right panel of Setup mode ?

I also can not do this in setup mode…?

thnx a lot!

Hmmm, I wonder if something changed in 1.2? I’m fairly certain, I could do it directly from the web page before. But anyway, I tried inserting the symbol in MS Word, then Copy/Pasting that and it worked.

See if you can copy from this document.
Trumpet Bb.zip (383 KB)

Yes, that will paste in setup mode.

But why do I have to change this? In the fullscore, it’s written with the flat symbol but in the part (layout name) not!

In the fullscore, are you talking about the staff name ?
Staff names, Layout names, player’s name are three different things in Dorico. It gives extra freedom, but it is compulsory to understand how that works in order to get what you really want. There have been some very nice threads about that last year, and I’m confident that the manual describes this all very well now.
Still I do regret we still have to copy-paste for external text editors, and am looking forward for the moment when all this will be (easily) done inside Dorico.


Thnx for your answer. I’m trying to learn this program and I’m still a beginner. I know Sibelius very well and I want to switch if this this program is faster. I can not see how you made your document. In the setup by the players you see Trumpet (B Flat). if I change the name, nothing happens. That I do not understand, maybe because I’m new. If I change the font(layout name) in the paragraph style to verdana you get not a nice affect. See document. If the full score, you can change the font in the staff labels and it looks allright! So how can you fix this for the layout names?

with regard Robert
Trumpet Bb.zip (503 KB)

Hi Robert.

Please read carefully pp 62-67 in the manual.

Hope it helps !
Trumpet Bb.dorico.zip (502 KB)

The kerning for the flat symbol seems to have more space around it than other characters. Dorico seems to compensate for this where it is designed to. Sorry, I can’t offer a solution.

I believe we can call this a bit of Dorico magic. Staff labels are sophistically designed so that the accidental and the text uses different fonts. When you changed the font to Verdana, it only affected the text elements, not the accidental. The reason is probably that many nice text fonts lacks good music symbols.
It seems to me that you’re quite happy with this result, but if you really want to change the accidental font as well, you can do it from Engrave -> Character styles.

The layout name takes a more simplistic approach, so when you change the font, it changes all of it. If you’re not happy with the result, it is because of the font itself, not Dorico. You can solve it by combining fonts manually in Engrave mode, but then you’ll have to manage without tokens.

I can imagine it’s quite complicated to combine font-combination-magic with token-magic, so my guess is that this is the reason why we don’t have any options regarding B flat / Bb in layout names. Let’s hope the team can find a solution in the future.

Finally, let me add that I think the way Dorico uses different fonts for different elements of the same items is fantastic! It let’s us use basically whatever font we want for chord symbols and staff labels without any hassle. That makes a huge difference from Sibelius and (from what I remember) Finale.

In Dorico 3.5 you can insert tokens in setup mode, in the layout section , for exemple : Trumpet in B{@flat@}
See the end of the video from Anthony Hughes on “Notation & Workflow Improvements | New Features in Dorico 3.5”

Or you could use the stafflabelsfull token rather than the layoutname token. Neither of these existed in Dorico v1.2, which was the latest version when this thread started.

Since old Doricos, I simply cut and paste the symbols I need in the names of instruments (Italian in this case): symbol: ♭