Flat symbol in text


is there a simple way to add a proper flat symbol (and not a lowercase ‘b’) into a text string using the default font?

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You will have to use a different (music) font for the flat only and adjust it with font size and baseline shift.

If you only have Bravura Text on you system, you can copy the flat from here: http://w3c.github.io/smufl/gitbook/tables/standard-accidentals-12-edo.html and paste it where you need it, then change font for that single glyph to Bravure text. Adjust the font size and baseline to taste…

I would recommend using the new glyphs that I have added for accidentals in chord symbols, which are specially designed to look balanced when in line with text. They’re not in the current version of the SMuFL spec (though coming in the next one) so the code points aren’t available to copy and paste from the SMuFL web site, but they are as follows:

U+ED60 – flat
U+ED61 - natural
U+ED62 - sharp
U+ED63 - double sharp
U+ED64 - double flat
U+ED65 - triple sharp
U+ED66 - triple flat

I’ve attached a Word document from which you can copy and paste these symbols. As Frank says, use the ‘Music text’ character style to paste into.
bravura-text-accidentals.zip (12 KB)

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