Flatten Pb in 48khz


1/ Cubase 6 and a new project in 32bits, 48khz
2/ Create a simple audio mono track, record a voice
3/ Correct the voice using variduio
4/ flatten the variaudio correction
5/ result is bad, the speed of the file is change and the correction is not which has been modify by variaudio
6/ go back and using audio warp, result, the same. The time is not the one corrected.

WHile I used the flatten function, I’ve seen that the wave image was stretch as there where a frequency changing.

By doing the same steps but in 44khz project, everything works fine !!! so that’s mean there is a pb using flatten function in 48khz project. It worked perfectly with cubase 5.5.2 !!!
I have to go back to cubase 5.5.2 to finish my work !!!

Any solution ?

Thanks a lot.

Looks like there is a problem. A simple workaround would be, choose " Bounce Audio" from the Audio menu in the project window. It does exactly the same beside the fact that the original recording won’t be overwritten and stays in the pool

I saw this also (48 khz) when I tried to timestretch via Process - Timestretch window,
If you process a file with no changes in at all in the window, I mean absolutely no changes from the Original length to the Resulting length, the Resulting length gets for some reason longer! :open_mouth:

Hello and thanks for the report. We will investigate it! (28106)

Many thanks Christian !!!

I found the problem.
Will be in next update.
This is valid regarding several bugs of this kind when using audio files other than 44.1 kHz.

hi Onno

Thanks for your feedback and Happy to know the pb is fixe.

Thanks :smiley:
But also, that’s a must I guess.

Thanks Onno. Nice to see more programmers here.

Nice move :wink: could this be a positive change in SB’s responses…BRAVO :smiley: Thanks for the response :bulb: