flex band setup

Hi everyone!

Does anybody know how to setup a score in the ‘flex band’ way? I’ve added an example.
I’m having difficulties creating the extra brackets which indicates part 1, part 2 etc.

Hope someone has a solution!

Unfortunately Dorico doesn’t yet have support for drawing additional group names in the margin, but this is something we definitely plan to add.

Tnx for your reply Daniel!

Then one other question that’s been on my mind for quiet some time. As in this example, several different instruments are playing the same part. I already found out I can create a custom layout per instrument, but what if I have a staff (for example a Tuba), and I’d like to have transpositions in C, Bb B.C., Bb T.C. and so on. How can I do this whithout having to add an new part, copying all the notes and hide it on the score. That just seems too complicated and I expect you maybe have the solution :wink:

I hope you understand the question. Always difficult to make myself clear in a foreign language…
Well, even in my own hahah

Don’t worry, you are communicating very clearly, and I completely understand your question. We don’t have a good solution for showing the same part in multiple transpositions at the moment, though it’s something that we definitely want to add in the near future. For the time being you will need to add additional instruments to the project that use the appropriate transpositions, and have a kind of “super full score” in which all of the transpositions are shown so that you can copy and paste the music from the instrument you want to appear in the full score to the instruments that should only have parts. Then you can have the actual full score layout for printing, in which those instruments do not appear, and separate parts for all of the different transpositions. We know this is not an ideal solution, and we are planning a proper feature to change the transposition of a part layout soon.

Great to hear!

This is obviously a lot of extra work, but you can do this now using vertical lines if you really need to. I’d probably save it for a final step so any spacing adjustments wouldn’t alter the positioning.