Flex Phrase


I’d like to use the FlexP of Halion Sonic with other VST instruments, is this possible ? If it’s not, is there any other VST or Midi effect that can generated similar FlexP Midi Notes to use with any other instrument ?

Thanks !

Some things you can do…
Record a flex phrase in HS, drag the midi output onto a track, and then have another VST play it.
Also, Arpache SX might be something for you to look at (MIDI insert)

Kinda ‘kludgy’ but this approach also works here.

Good Luck!

This work around is working quite good. I just wanted to let you guys know, that you can export the flex phrases with Halion Sonic 2.
For me this is one of the greatest benefits of HS2.
Maybe you will enjoy this fuction in the future as well.