Flex Phraser presets

So it seems that in the Flex Phraser, you have either the various presets or the user preset which is starting from scratch. Is there ANY way of taking a preset and modifying it at all? There are some great presets but it would be great if you could modify them to your liking. Am I missing something?

OK, I see now you can record the midi output and alter the performances in your DAW, but it would be awesome if you could convert the presets to user presets so you could alter them right in the Flex Phraser.

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There is no need to convert something. Load any factory Flex Phraser preset, make changes to your liking and save it with a new name and will be added to your user presets.

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Yes you can load factory Phraser presets and alter, but it seems you can’t alter the FlexPhraser that’s in a factory patch. You have to call up a preset, but that sounds completely different than what’s already there. To clarify, I load a patch that has a FlexPhraser going, I can’t alter it, its greyed-out. I have to select the ‘user’ button, which completely changes the FlexPhraser and the sound. I want to just slightly alter what they have already. Make sense?

That is the problem, it you could see the settings and alter them, it would make getting what you want a lot easier,

Greyed-out? Are you sure you’re looking at the right place? A HALion Sonic (SE) compatible program consist of up to 5 FlexPhrasers. Perhaps you look at the disabled program-flexphraser instead of one of the active layer-flexphrasers?
Can you give me an example ( program / library name/ screenshot) so that we all know, what we’re talking about?

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Sorry if something has happened with respect to this item since the last post but this forum discussion is the only place which I found that addresses my problem.

As indicated by the other posters, when I load a Halion VST (e.g. Eagle Crest), I look into the instrument to edit it. Directly below Trigger is Flex Phraser. I can load a preset from the factory presets (e.g. Soul C). But there is nowhere where I can capture that preset and edit it. (I am looking to find a slightly weird way of changing a pattern from 4/4 time to 7/4 time.) I know that there are other layers of Flex Phraser that I can access and mess around with. But I really want to be able to change that factory setting and save it as one of my own presets. I just have no clue how to get at it.

The editor is dark when any factory presets are loaded. Am I missing something?

Hi there comsax1 and all readers,

I see chrystal clear what you want to figure out!
The same problem you describe is also found in Halion 6 and now in Halion 7.
The Flexphraser Module looks like this (see Screenshot from Halion 7):

2023-02-21 Flexphraser Prob 01

The red rectangles shows the factory delivered phrases by Steinberg. You can make a choice from lots of predifined factory presets.

But as comsax1 and me and maybe lots of others want to edit this factory phrase the easiest way possible (NOT record the phrase - send it to a midi track in Cubase and re-import it into the user Flexphraser section - and then edit and save it).

We want to push the factory content (shown in red rectangels) directly into the out-greyed user section and edit it instantly there and also maybe save it from there as a user preset.

And I repeat myself and also comsax1 - we won’t do the detour decribed above.

Maybe now it is clear explained what comsax1 and me want to do?!



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I just want to see what settings are used to accomplish the end result of each factory presets. That way I can reverse engineer to learn how to make user presets from scratch.