Hi guys,
What is “Flex” in the songs list ?

… that’s a feature we are working on. But it shouldn’t be visible. The question is why you can see it. It would be really helpful, @magicguigui, if you can help us here.

Can you please locate the following folder …
C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Activation Manager
… zip it and give it to us? Drop it here or send me a mail.

Which version of VST Live are you running?

Are there more users around which can see the Flex control?

See you,

Hi @Spork,
I’m using the last one, V1.4.4.838

Activation Manager.zip (45.8 KB)

… could you please download the latest “Steinberg Activation Manager” here, install it and run VST Live again. Are the controls still visible?

Thank you very much,

… and would you please so kind to start “Steinberg Activation Manager” and create a screenshot of your available licenses? You are running VST Live from a computer which is not connected to the internet? Right?

No such in mine (v1.4.4)