Flickering during MIDI input

Possible small bug here — does anyone else experience this? When I use my M-Audio Keystation Mini Mk 3 to input notes via MIDI, or even if I just play it without inputting notes in Caret mode, the whole Dorico screen flickers (background, manuscript and all the menu and tool panels).

The flickering does not happen in other open apps (e.g. Mail) , nor does it happen in other apps using MIDI input from this device (e.g. Logic) , so I’m sure it’s Dorico-specific.

The flickering is quite noticeable and a bit distracting. The flickering stops as soon as I stop playing the MIDI keyboard.

If others have experienced this and found a remedy, perhaps something in system settings, I’d love to know what.

Macbook Pro mid-2020, MacOS 13.6.3, Dorico 5.1

I’ve not ever heard of this reported. What I have seen from time to time is that if Dorico is left running for a long time, and if the computer is put to sleep and then later woken up again, sometimes the Dorico window will flicker slightly as the mouse moves over it. This problem is resolved by closing the project window and then reopening it. However, I’ve never seen this happen during note input. Are you able to make a screen recording that captures this behaviour?

HI Daniel.
I swear it was doing it yesterday for hours! On restart today, it’s not doing it…
If it happens again I’ll take a video.