Flip mono/stereo button in all tracks

Let’s see if this has happened to you more than once:

You have an instrument into a mono track. You add an EQ, compressor… whatever you want. When it sounds clear, you decide to add a stereo processor (like MonoToStereo). You have to create another stereo track and move all events and all inserts from the mono track to this new track.

Why haven’t you added a flip mono/stereo button in all tracks yet? I’ve been missing it for a long time. :neutral_face:
I envy a certain DAW that have this option… :arrow_right:

I am waiting and I guess I’m not the only one.

+1 but…

I always record on a stereo track because I don’t see a reason to record on a mono track.

Regards :sunglasses:


I’m waiting on this one too. Each track should have a Mono/Stereo conversion button allowing you to go from stereo to mono and vice versa. If you have a mono track and you drop a stereo plugin, it should automatically convert that to a stereo track, and to go a bit further, if you remove that stereo plugin it reverts back to it’s original track source.

+1. Related: I would like the ability to put a soft synth on a mono track, even if it means summing the stereo output of the soft synth if it has only a 2-channel output capability.