Flipped notes

Somehow, I have ended up with some notes that are up-stem voice one, but have stems pointing down. I hit f and the stems correct themselves, but then when I copy and paste them into other staves and transpose them an octave, the stems are pointing the wrong way. Of course, I can flip them again. But it doesnt seem right. Is there a way of determining which notes have flipped (i.e. non-standard) stems, so I can correct them all properly?

I have looked in the properties panel but nothing there.


Right-click* > Stem > Removed Forced Stem.

  • Also Edit > Notation > Stem etc.

Thanks, Ben. Interesting: none of them flipped!

I guess I am good to go…


Up/down stem is, to my mind, a misnomer. In the absence of anything to constrain it, any voice will follow the normal up/down stem rules for the stave. Though I’m sure there are subtleties I’ve not noticed that explain the terminology.

Up/down stem makes perfect sense when there is more than one voice. But in the case of, say a first oboe stave, it means that the stems point in the conventional direction, depending on which stave line they are on.

The only problem I see with flipping stems is that, as far as I can discover, there is nowhere in Dorico that shows the property – unlike slurs and other objects, which record their direction in the property window (Ctrl-8) when flipped.