Flipping ties

This is a wonderful decision , however, we are two weeks from 2023 and this is still on the waiting list I guess.
I hope to see this coming real soon.
The “F” sometimes flips the slur but at times will also flip the entire figuration hence this is not a solution.

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Be careful, what you have selected, before you press “F”. If you select notes as well, the stem directions will be flipped as well. You can flip a lot of items: slurs, dynamics, stems, text … Very powerful!


“F” for flip IS the solution. Just don’t click other elements, and they won’t also flip.

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The concept of flipping was perfected in Ancient Greece, after the great philosopher Euflipedes first proposed it.


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Ancient Greece:
Tailor: “Euripedes?”
Customer: “Eumenedes?”


This bit is really Aesculating!


Well sorry to say but this is not the solution, when I choose a slur it selects it’s attaching note so they F together…
Also the fact that when one wants to change slur direction one has to press a button 1st to activate the function.
I truly believe a simple elegant solution should be there.
There is no point justifying something which is flaw.
No need to reply this - thank you.

If you click a slur and only a slur, and then press F, it flips.

Is there any chance you were selecting a tie instead of a slur? Attach the project with the location of the slur and I will have a go.

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I suspect @DanielMuzMurray is onto something here. Also, selecting in engrave mode most definitely won’t select the note, even if it’s a tie. Regardless, you can also set jump bar shortcuts for filtering slurs (“fs” for me) and it makes pretty quick work of it all.


Sorry yes - I was referring to ties all this discussion… my apologies.


great idea, working the ties in engrave mode with F works for me - thanks.
( but I’d wish to do everything in write mode and being forced to change modes, yet you gave me a work around - thank you for that. )

Now Dorico 5.0.20 includes the ability to flip stems of an entire tie chain at once.
Thank you!

[Deleted my maintenance request]


19/01/2024 ~ conflicting ties ( over note heads etc, )

I am presenting this issue again because I feel that due to linguistic terminology I have failed to express myself well enough in this discussion.
Although my issue did relate to ties and not slurs - the problem wasn’t about the flipping (F) of a selected tie(s) or even several ties in an aggregate but really on how to prevent a tie from crossing and thus conflicting with a note head, a meter or any other objects that are or might be on the staff.

To prevent this from occurring I suggest that whenever a tie conflict with an object - a gap will be used automatically and seamlessly.
That is - that Dorico will be able to sense automatically whenever a graphical conflict like this is happening on a staff and will fix it automatically with some user choices available to them.
Like - an option of selecting whether one should use that automatic default of a short gap in the conflicting tie ( the solution ) or will one sort the problem manually (and somewhat artistically - with elaborated and very graphical ties that do add to the graphical beauty of a piece ) should be available per choice.
I personally think that to allow a gap in the tie whenever it spans in conflict over another object on the staff - should be the default in these cases in Dorico.

That it will be a better approach to use a gap automatically and have Dorico correct the score sorting out conflicting ties automatically and using as a solution to this - a gap on a tie whenever this conflict happens - this will save tremendous amount of time instead of sorting these out throughout the piece manually and having to design each tie like this specifically.
Thanks very much for taking the time to read and relate to my topic and also thanks very much for previous discussion.
Wishing the very best - cheers.

Dorico already has very sophisticated positioning rules for notes and ties, and only lays out the ties once the positions of all of the relevant noteheads in all of the voices sounding on the staff have been calculated. I don’t think it’s practical to expect Dorico to be able to resolve every possible conflict between ties, noteheads, rhythm dots, accidentals, staff lines, and other notations.

If you find specific examples that you think Dorico doesn’t handle optimally, of course we are interested to see them and may either be able to recommend changes in settings or perhaps log them for possible future improvement, but Dorico is already tackling music layout in precisely this way, subject to the limits of what is reasonably algorithmically possible.

If that was the case with Dorico - I wouldn’t have bothered myself to write here. having a tie crossing a note head doesn’t seem nor precise or acceptable to me.
But it seems that you are more or less fixed in your mind regarding this software and its scope and not only in this matter.
Good luck.

@Ram_Haimoff, why don’t you do this and attach here?


Thank you for your concern and comment.
I’ll attaché a.s.a.p. my project and will state measure #s to refer you to the problems I have encounter.
Thanks for your willingness.
Enabling a gap in the tie might solve these issues but it has to be content aware I think… b.b.l.