Flipping ties

This is a wonderful decision , however, we are two weeks from 2023 and this is still on the waiting list I guess.
I hope to see this coming real soon.
The “F” sometimes flips the slur but at times will also flip the entire figuration hence this is not a solution.

Be careful, what you have selected, before you press “F”. If you select notes as well, the stem directions will be flipped as well. You can flip a lot of items: slurs, dynamics, stems, text … Very powerful!


“F” for flip IS the solution. Just don’t click other elements, and they won’t also flip.

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The concept of flipping was perfected in Ancient Greece, after the great philosopher Euflipedes first proposed it.


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Ancient Greece:
Tailor: “Euripedes?”
Customer: “Eumenedes?”

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This bit is really Aesculating!


Well sorry to say but this is not the solution, when I choose a slur it selects it’s attaching note so they F together…
Also the fact that when one wants to change slur direction one has to press a button 1st to activate the function.
I truly believe a simple elegant solution should be there.
There is no point justifying something which is flaw.
No need to reply this - thank you.

If you click a slur and only a slur, and then press F, it flips.

Is there any chance you were selecting a tie instead of a slur? Attach the project with the location of the slur and I will have a go.

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I suspect @DanielMuzMurray is onto something here. Also, selecting in engrave mode most definitely won’t select the note, even if it’s a tie. Regardless, you can also set jump bar shortcuts for filtering slurs (“fs” for me) and it makes pretty quick work of it all.


Sorry yes - I was referring to ties all this discussion… my apologies.


great idea, working the ties in engrave mode with F works for me - thanks.
( but I’d wish to do everything in write mode and being forced to change modes, yet you gave me a work around - thank you for that. )

@dspreadbury, may I request moving posts 23–end of this thread to a new thread, since they turn out not to be about slurs at all.

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