Floating Control Room Meter

Is there a separate meter that will remain “always on top” and I can move around my project? Or it it relegated to either end of the mixer?

Not sure about Always On Top, but the meter section is part of Control Room.
So no need to have the mixer open.


Thank you. Would be nice to have something that floats around like the VST meter (f12) or make it detachable.

Well, you have the option of opening the control room as a pane in the mixer, and leave the mixer open. And then you can open it separately as well so you have two of them.

Unfortunately, with the dumb way windows are managed in Nuendo on Windows these days your focus won’t necessarily be what you want, floating or not. Nuendo decides for you what window you’ll end up in when switching apps for example, and it might not be the one you want.