Floating repeat bars in one instrument

Hi, I know this has been addressed before but I have been unable to create repeat bars on a single staff. I also couldn’t create a different time signature on that staff (which was a part of the solution).
I tried to create a glyph but couldn’t figure that out either.

did you try adding the time signature via the popover and submit via alt-enter? That should work. Then, again with alt-enter, you can enter barlines only for that staff via shift-b popover

When inputting single-staff time signatures, make sure that before opening the popover, you’ve selected something that only belongs to that staff - a shared existing barline doesn’t just belong to one staff, so selecting that won’t allow you to input a single-staff time signature (as what staff should Dorico put it on?)

OK it’s worked for me now, I don’t know why I couldn’t get to work before I thought I did exactly that.
Thanks alot