Floating Tracks

In my experience, spending hours in Cubase. I find that I would like the option of seeing certain tracks regardless of where I scroll In a session. Although I really appreciate and like the lower zone. It hinders visibility. Giving users the ability to make one or two tracks “floating” would create a good compromise for the lack of visibility.

Specifically, there are two types of tracks that should definitely have the ability to “float” or continuously be visible while scrolling through a session. Those two are Marker Tracks and Chord Tracks because they can dictate the form and harmony of a song. Those two track types can be much like a lead sheet, and users would benefit from always being able to see the information in a chord track or marker track.

That said, I would also like to suggest a melody, or staff track. Which would appear like a traditional looking music staff. One in which a user can see, insert, read and right traditional musical notation as an optional way of creating. Let the user choose from double staffs, alto clef, just bass or just treble clef. Also, let this appear in the lower zone in the same way editing midi does. Also, allow this track to sound midi instruments. This will serve as another option for users who read and write, to create quickly in a language that they are used to. It would be very useful.

Do you use the “divide track list” feature in Cubase? So you could make as many tracks as you like floating on top, regardless of scrolling up and down your tracks.

No I don’t. But I will check it out and use it. It would make my life easier. Can you please explain to me where and how to use this setting?

Yes, thats exactly what I need. Thank for mentioning that.