Floating transport bar a little taller in C11

I have this little problem: on Cubase 10.5 I set the floating transport bar covering the not-floating transport bar at the bottom of the screen (Cubase project window maximized).

This way, since the floating transport bar is “always on top”, I could open-in-new-window the key editor and use the floating transport bar to play / stop / etc. Otherwise, every time you hit play / stop / etc. on the not-floating transport bar, the key editor got hidden behind the project window.

Now, since C11, the floating transport bar is unusefully a little taller and partially covers the project editor bottom part (see print screens).



Also, you can now move the floating transport bar by grabbing it on different places, where instead on C10.5 you could move it only by using the black zones with X on them, at its left and right sides.

On C10.5 the floating transport bar was perfect to me, why this unuseful change? Please get it back to the same height as in C10.5, and also please let it be moveable only by grabbing the black left or right sides.


Even better (feature request): make the not-floating transport bar “always on top” (i.e. make it so that, when you hit on it, windows on top of the project window won’t fall behind it)

Not sure, if this would do the trick for you, but I’m using a fixed Transport Bar at the bottom of the Window and doesn’t seem to suffer from the shortcomings you mentioned about the floating one.

In your print screen not-floating transport panel and lower zone key editor are shown. I am talking about the floating transport panel and the opened-in-a-different-window key editor instead.

To see what i’m about, please click the little up-arrow at the right side of the key editor to open it in a new window. Then, hit play on the transport panel and see the key editor get hidden behind the project window.

Then, do the same using the floating transport panel instead (hit F2 to show the floating transport panel): the key editor will stay put on top of the project window.

I didn’t argue with your observation and request.

Just tried to offer another way of getting the transport controls to show at the bottom of the window without having the floating window (F2) at all.

The lower zone can be invisible and the fixed transport bar at the bottom is still there.

Of course. Problem is I don’t use the lower-zone key editor much (hardly ever actually…) because I can’t enlarge its window as much as I need. I need a large key editor window, so I almost always use the open-in-a-new-window one instead.

Sorry, I don’t follow - As I mentioned before, the fixed transport bar without using the floating transport window works fine without the lower zone.

Yes I know it works fine without the lower zone, but that’s not my point, sorry. My point is it doesn’t work fine with the key editor, when the key editor itself is opened in a separate window as opposed to the lower zone.

it does for me:

So are you saying that when you hit play on the transport panel the key editor doesn’t get hidden behind the project window?

Oh - interesting …

I never use the play button on the transport bar - I always use either

  • keyboard shortcuts for play/stop/record etc. or
  • button pushes on an external midi controller

Yes that’s quite usual. I use extensively the transport panel/mouse combination instead. Thanks for the confirmation.

yeah, if you really need the transport bar rather than keyboard shortcuts, then the new size is frustrating at the bottom.