Flooding MIDI notes

Running AI 4.

I have a digital set of drums (DTX500) connected via MIDI to an M-audio C400. Sometimes when playing the drums a whole bunch of MIDI notes are registred in Cubase sounding like the drums are playing a lot of notes almost at the same time (which they are not). It sounds even worse than if Animal from The Muppets were playing.

I have tried to use my Yamaha KX88 MIDI in as well - same issue.

Using the internal drums sounds on the digital drums works fine and does not face this problem - the problem seems to be related to the MIDI-chain.

Anyone got a hint on this?

Regards, Lars.

There are a few fundamentals I would always check.

First, make sure it’s not a latency problem by adjusting the slider in your driver.

Second, if you opened a template, confirm that your effects (maybe reverb or pingpong delay especially) aren’t the culprit.

Third, assuming this is happening on a regular basis as opposed to in one session, the final resort would be to trash the prefs. For more info see the knowledge base.

Since you tried different kits and programs we know this is a Cubase setup problem. :neutral_face:

Check out the System Timestamp option.

Hi - thanks for the answers.

I am not using templates, tried raising the buffer to an unaccepted level (high latency), ticked the “System Timestamp option” - problem still there.

As I started with Cubase without knowing anyting about Cubase (have been recording 4 track Tascam in the early years), I might have messed up a setting somewhere, so I would like to trash the prefs. I tried to search for this in the knowledge base, but couldn’t find any article about this - is it possible to share a link for this?

But I think that you might misunderstand the problem. Playing the digital drums live without Cubase, but with the digital drums internal sounds through the audio out (no midi) shows no problems. No “flooded notes”.

When connecting to Cubase either through my KX88 midi in or through Maudio C400 midi in, the problem arise. It could be playing the digital drums live with the Cubase HalionOne drums sound (through the computers audio out) or recording the drums on a Cubase intrusment track.

When recording and the problem occours, the flooded midi notes gets recorded on the instrument track, and playing the track makes the flooded notes occour at the exact same place (because they have been recorded).

So Cubase is playing the notes correctly - which is why I still think that the problem is related to the MIDI chain. Plaing the KX88 never shows any problems. Problems is just there when MIDI gets into the picture.

What I could do is to try to swap some of the MIDI hardware to see if it is hardware or software related, but I actually can’t find my old MIDI stuff…

Anyone seen any issues like this? Any hints?

Regards, Lars.