Flow consistency

I have created a flow, 4 bars, time sig, chord. Looks great. I want to duplicate this 20 times. Quickest way I’ve found is using bottom panel in set up mode and right clicking → duplicate. Project info is too slow as you have to keep re-selecting the original flow you want to duplicate.

So I have one flow called “Flow 1”. Duplicate this and it’s named “Flow”. If I duplicate this flow, it’s now named “Flow_1”.

So there are some inconsistencies there I would say.

May I suggest in addition to adding a quick way to duplicate a flow multiple times, to increment the flow name in a consistent way.

Thanks for the feedback. I’m not sure that it’s a particularly common operation to duplicate the same flow 20 times in quick succession, but we’ll consider how we could make this easier.

I understand. Just to let you know, this could be very helpful for work sheet creation. e.g. 30 questions, or transposing exercises, etc. Or as I was doing, coming up with 30 4 bar jazz licks to practice over the same 4 chords (so duplicating the chords, Ts, ks etc is useful). And then taking each of these as separate flows and adding to each flow the 4 bars in all 12 keys (hence why separate flows). I think there are other cases I haven’t thought of yet that adding flows directly after a selected one, and being able to duplicate x number of times would certainly be useful.

This is new behavior in D3. In D2 I would create a template flow called “Flow 0” and duplicate that, and it would increment to “Flow 1” “Flow 2” etc.

In D3 my solution is to have what I call “trash” flows – flows that are entirely unused (“Flow”, “Theme”, “Section”, etc) in addition to my template flows. D3 appears to prioritize an unnumbered flow name when duplicating, so duplicating “Flow 0” becomes “Flow” if none already exists. Basically this means I have one “trash” flow for every unique “thing” in my project. This gets annoying when working on “Theme 3 Variation 4” as it means I have trash flows called “Theme”, “Theme 1 Variation”, “Theme 2 Variation”, and “Theme 3 Variation.”

Please consider returning to the D2 behavior of always incrementing the flow number when duplicating, rather than prioritizing an unnumbered name.