Flow duplicates

Why is happening this to my default first page?

Not easy to say without seeing the project. Can you upload it?


Flow duplicates.dorico (523.3 KB)
I’ve imported a custom master page on this project. Then, I wanted to use the first page by default so I imported the “First” default master page from here:

When I insert a new page template set into my project it seems like the “First” default one but it is duplicated. What’s the reason for this? Thank you! Do you have any idea?

Hi @Imanuel_Garayar

I’m a little confused about what you’re after vs what is happening.

In your screenshot of the 3 pages, which page (out of the left or middle I assume) looks like the first page you want by default?

I’m not sure if you have done this intentionally but if you double-click your First Page Template you’ll see that the Frame Chain is set to “MAD”:

Click MAD and select MA instead, ensuring that the left and right pages are the same, and then Apply the change.

Are you happy with the result?

Thank you! That was the problem. I did not change that intentionally. Dorico Dorico works in mysterious ways haha.

Thank you again!