Flow/Frame Chain Issue

I am trying to create a worksheet and one thing that I don’t want to happen that I can’t figure out how to stop is once a section of music from one flow is finished playback continues after a 3-second pause to the next flow. I don’t want this to happen. I want the option for the music to stop at the end of a flow and not continue to the next flow. How can this be accomplished? Thank you.

I don’t believe this is currently possible.

You could add an absurdly large duration between flows via Play Mode > Playback options > Timing > change "Gap between flows during playback,” but that’s a lame solution.

Yes, unfortunately you cannot easily exclude a flow from playback at present. This is something we would like to add in a future version.

Thank you DanKreider for your reply and thank you, Daniel, for yours. This would be a good option to have.